Mikron Mühendislik is established in year 1985 in Ostim Organized Industrial Region. In August 2009, it moved to the current location, İvedik Ağaç İşleri Sanayi Sitesi 1376. Sokak No:28 having 1400 m2 working area because of increasing of customers and their demands, and in 2012 branch facility is begun to operate.  Mikron Mühendislik is mainly focused on chemical processing and works as an approved source of main aerospace and defence industry companies. It has not only Nadcap Accreditation in Merit Program but also other main contractor and OEM approvals. 
    Surface treatment by electrolytic and electroless plating, chemical conversion coatings, anodizing, and painting for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, fluorescent testing for aerospace and defence companies are the Mikron Muhendislik’s service areas.

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